Blue Locker Ladder

Blue Locker Ladder

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  • Durable cotton duck fabric & sturdy shelves last for years of use
  • Adjustable to 2 shelves for half-height lockers
  • Side pockets hold smaller loose items
  • Hangs from shelf, rod, or 2 hooks (brackets can be placed in alternate sleeves for uneven hooks)
  • Sewn in the USA and measures 38” Long x 5.5” Wide x 9” Deep

Colors: Royal Blue, Black, Red, Pink, Purple

The Locker Ladder is a durable hanging set of shelves perfect for storing various items such as textbooks, folders, binders, and loose items. The Locker Ladder, originally patented by Del Designs and sewn in the USA, fits in most types of lockers and closets, hanging from a shelf, two hooks or a pole. It is 38 inches long by 5.5 inches wide by 9 inches deep. Each shelf is at least 12 inches high. The Locker Ladder is adjustable to 27” for use in half height lockers and there are pockets on the side of the top and middle shelf to hold smaller loose items such as pencils, journal, cell phone, and more.

The Locker Ladder is made to last from middle school through college and beyond for years of successful organization!